Deer in the Noise World- 7 (2022) at Whitestone Gallery


Acrylic on Canvas, panel

1621 x 1303cm (length x width)


In my painting, a deer stands like a phantom among fragments of noise that float in a silent world. The presence of the deer alludes to my own experience of wearing a hearing aid, as deer are known to be sensitive to sounds. In their uncertain state within the pink fog, the deer sense the constantly shifting sounds, vibrations, and words. Depicting such a world involves being mindful of the boundary between oneself and others, enabling effective communication. Ultimately, I aspire to express the deer within the dense mist in order to break through the unknown and create new possibilities for dialogue.


Press Release – Yoshiaki Nakamura’s solo exhibition(プレスリリース)at Whitestone Gallery (English) (Japanese)