A Pure Sound World (installation) (2021) at Wave Pool Gallery

Tree, found objects, resin

710 x 710x 300cm (Gallery Space)


12 sound instruments



Nakamura’s solo exhibition A Pure Sound World in Wave Pool’s Locker Rook Gallery is at its core an exploration of the borders and limits of communication between disabled and non-disabled people, long a focus of the artist’s work. Since graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art (2020) and Tokyo University of the Arts in Japanese Painting course (2015) he has been curious about the relationships between sound, color and language. Since his first cochlear implant in 2012, Nakamura considers the striking ways that natural materials interact with sound technology, ultimately testing the viewer’s notioon of visuospatial and audio-spatial language.

Yoshi believes that we can find our shared humanity and show our diversity connecting with each other through sound installation, instruments and scores. Nakamura hopes this exhibition will provide its visitors a unique opportunity to reflect on how others this, feel, and perceive.

Yoshi Nakamura has been an artist in residence at Wave Pool since August, 2020. As a result of the pas 9 month of work, he is presenting three related exhibitions in Cincinnati May 7th – June 26th at Wave Pool, The welcome Project,, and Visionaries and Voices. Wave Pool Gallery