Oto No Chashitu 113 x 95 x 95 inches (public art) (2021) at Franconia Sculpture Park

Yoshi Nakamura’s Tea Room sculpture and performance event explores the borders and limits of communication between disabled and non-disabled people, specifically hearing and hearing-impaired people, and how materials such as wire, wood and stone interact with sound technology. This artwork encourages viewers to question their preconceptions, further inspiring them to become more empathetic and accepting of others. This sculpture takes inspiration from the Japanese architectural tradition of chashitsu (“tea rooms”), serving as a contemporary interpretation of this. As an oto no chashitsu (“tea room of sound”), this space will act as a stage for experimentation and dialogue. As hearing and non hearing people activate sound-making objects, the usage of interpretive dance becomes a way of making these frequencies newly accessible.


Special thanks to:

Jasper Kesin



Emily McKenzie was videographer.

Special thanks to:

Emily McKenzie

Emma Wood