Press Release – Yoshiaki Nakamura’s solo exhibition(プレスリリース)at Whitestone Gallery (English) (Japanese)

The Sound Space Between the Covered Chairs, 12 Musical Scores on the Wall (Noises and Notes for the Deaf) 2023


MOVIE (動画) – Children Playing -(演奏する子供) – A couple playing -(演奏する夫婦) – Solo Performance -(動画、セルフパフォーマンス) – People playing -(演奏する人々)


This is a musical instrument made of chairs, and it gives the impression that the chairs come alive with the sounds it produces. My intention was to share my personal experience of sound. I believe that all things, including artificial materials, possess a sense of life due to the vibrant sounds they emit. By depicting the covered chairs, I aim to evoke the concept of boundaries and provoke the audience to question the limits of sound and address the issue of disabilities. The wires, resembling mycelium and ivy, are tightly stretched, symbolizing my own tendency to be overly tense when interacting with others. The guitar amp serves as a metaphor for a hearing aid, allowing the audience to feel the vibrations of sound through their fingertips in a silent world. The mycelium-like drawings on the wall, along with written words, represent the noise that can be heard in the silent world and are exhibited as a musical score for playing the chairs.