Universe with Sound (installation) (2020) at Maryland Institute College of Art

Salt, stainless wires, bucket, big and small stones, amplifier, speakers

502 x 475.5 x 431cm (length x width x height)

In this closed space, a harp’s stainless-steel wire creates sound and a hanging bucket, stones and salt add to the acoustic availabilities. Many sounds may be bound together. Through my artwork, a small performance group can create sound and also silence. Then the audience also can hit stones and can communicate in order to form the pure circle shape. In fact, I studied Japanese culture through Japanese painting and it connects with the notion of a universe. The space in the garden creates an expanse to imagine sound. I used raw materials to emphasize and create the notion of a universe and zen. Then sound goes around the notion of nothing space. In this dark room, the audience can manipulate light through the vibration of an electromagnetic wave, bouncing a sound and creating a recognition of space in three dimensions thus combining auditory and visuospatial sensations. This means that even though we share the same space we have different perceptions of the visual and the auditory and can communicate with each other using sound rather than only visual perception.