Group Exhibition

No title (2020) at The Coward Shoe (322 N. Howard Street) and online exhibition

“A roving presence”

Residency program organized by MICA Curatorial Practice MFA 2021

Curatorial Team: Dulcina Abreu, Zion Douglass, Deyane Moses, Ryan Patrick, Babette Pendleton, Sicong Sui

The three resident artists—Lynn Hunter, Amy Reid, and myself were in residency to express site-specific exploration, installation—driven creation, ephemeral activations, and organic collaboration with support from the MICA Curatorial Practice MFA 2021 curators. Due to Covid-19, the Show was canceled, but the curators are planning to show it online.

The theme is spiritual transmission, migration and movement, and nomadic existence. This sensory exploration and project centers on Baltimore and its historical evolution (the changing buildings, communities, and economies) as critical questions.

I make musical scores in a small space and collaborate with a sound artist and performer using stainless wires strings in a larger space. To make a random sound, I use three small devices. When the stainless wires are hit the machine creates a random sound. The sound comes from eight speakers around a room. This is based on my personal experience of not understanding where a sound is coming from.

I had planned to collaborate with a performance and sound artist in a large space and express my music scores in a small space at The Coward Shoe, but that too was canceled due to Covid-19.

Idea: I collaborate with dancers in this space with my choreography and their bodies can respond to my idea of sound. The movements of the bodies in the space create another way of visualizing it.

online exhibition