The Sound Painting-Sound and Silence World (2019)at Maryland Institute College of Art

(Sound power/ pressure level dB [Lin], the LW is expressed pink, on the contrary LP at 4km is a blue line)

Paper (pink and white), lipstick (blue and pink)

90 x 184cm (length x width), each size 90 x 90cm

In this painting, I put my mouth on pink and white paper while making vowel sounds. In the mouth color expression, the color connects sound with the sound-pressure level (Lp). On the other hand, LP is related to sound power level (Lw). It is a modelled effect of distance on pink noise. Then I wrote a small Japanese story under the kiss mark to complement the shape. I frequently used a motif of my mouth to express my identity and it connects with Samuel Beckett’s “Not I: Lisa Dwan mouths off- video”. He wrote that “En attendant Godot” expressed a separated system of language. For me, it is important to emphasize my body because I use body language and focus on the mouth when I communicate with people. In other words, I wanted to prompt the audience to use various ways of communication.