Mother Earth (installation) (2019) at Maryland Institute College of Art

Fiber, piano line, bamboo, stones, clip, amplifier, salt, thread, noise, speaker

Around 700 x 700 x 350cm (length x width x height)

This installation creates loud sounds in the exhibition space.

Instructions for both the audience and myself in this performance include:

1) Scrubbing fabric near a microphone

2) Plucking piano wires on the wall near an amplifier

3) Hitting bamboo poles together

4) Hitting stones on the floor near an amplifier

5) Creating various noises displayed by colored sound waves (i.e., white, pink, blue, brown   waves) with small speakers on the ceiling

6) Hitting pillars by hand near an amplifier

This installation is a magical place to express a space for communication. The white fiber creates a visual and physical limitation in order to express visuospatial ability. Furthermore, the fiber emphasizes the sky, sea and sound waves is based on my experiences. When I first heard the sea seven years ago, the sound was like an orchestra. Also, I felt the voice of the earth walking along the sea. By placing salt piles on a gallery box, I expressed an entrance to a sanctuary and represented a boundary against evil (Japan is a country surrounded by the sea).

        The acoustic interaction is my new direction in creating sound instruments. In the air around us people experience the same vibrations. These vibrations connect people in the same space. The wood pins will also express vibrations and sound. In addition, the audience can hit bamboo. Moreover, various sounds are amplified and digitized in my brain, but only when I hear sound do I feel one with nature. Is my brain searching for the meaning of sound in our world? I used noise from my iPhone and speakers because I hear sound in my Silence and I wanted to share my experience. Sound from the amplifier expresses my hearing aid. I always define the world as being constructed through the sense of vision and hearing and through my art I am exploring the relationship between object and subject. My hope is that the audience will communicate in this space through emotion and other sensations. They can explore human nature. In our world, something of value often shines like a star. By observing the star in the world, humans can navigate their own position like guiding a ship in the sea. Time is also fluid, flowing to the future like a ship passing through a sea of silence to a sea of hearing now.